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elBerry OÜ started in 2020, when the world was hit by an unexpected corona outbreak. Inevitably, we started thinking even more and looking for ways to keep ourselves healthy. elBerry is a family business for which, in addition to a healthy lifestyle and natural products, it is also important to consume high-quality nutritional supplements to support our health. One research and reading led to another and we realized that elderberry is the effective herb that has been scientifically researched before and needs to become a consistent ingredient in our products. That’s how the brand of elderberry products was born in Estonia

The project gained momentum in cooperation with EAS and the Institute of Pharmacy of the University of Tartu, the aim of which was to develop two prototypes of dietary supplements made on the basis of elderberries, which
1) would reduce the probability of contracting viral colds;
2) would help to ease suffering from viral colds.

Since it is very important to us that the products have pure ingredients and no additives, we have very carefully chosen what to use in the product and what not. The products are the result of long-term development work in cooperation with a professor of pharmacognosy. We have invested a lot of time and heart so that safe products created and produced in Estonia reach the people of Estonia, which are carefully thought out, packed in sustainable packaging, and which would be beneficial to health instead of harmful.

The name of product 1 is SambuPro, where Sambu is short for elder’s Latin genus name (Sambucus) and Pro refers to the product’s supposed ability to strengthen the body and help prevent viral colds.

The name of product 2 is SambuStop, where Stop refers to the expected properties of the product to help the body recover from illness faster and easier.

Product development continues. We want you to be healthy and be able to trust domestic supplements.