elBerry OÜ – elderberry brand from Estonia. 100% natural products that have been developed in cooperation with the Institute of Pharmacy at the University of Tarty. Products are additive-free, without preservatives, food colours, synthetic fragrances and flavours. Soy, lactose, gluten and yeast free, vegan



Vitamin C fights colds and infections
Elderberries are naturally high in vitamin C and also rich in iron, vitamins A and B, carotenoids and bioflavonoids

Severe symptoms subside

The European Medicines Agency has approved the use of purple coneflower for respiratory infections, including colds. Its effectiveness is well studied. Helps alleviate the course of the disease and speed up healing
Be strong

The anthocyanins in elderberry help protect cells from free radical damage and thus support our immune system

Others about us

Margit Lainemäe


I got to try SambuPro and I have to say that it tastes absolutely amazing and I’m pretty sure that thanks to it I didn’t get any colds in the winter. It is also important for me that the product is made in Estonia 

Artur Kunttu


I got a cold and a little cough and I immediately started taking SambuStop 3x a day and I have to say that I felt that I could breathe better through my nose (I didn’t have to use the nasal drops, which I have always used with colds otherwise) and the cold did not become more severe. I believe that this product helped to “stop” the cold and after a few days I no longer had any symptoms and I felt well

Liisi Kärsin


In our family, both adults and children used Sambustop with flu. We are grateful to the natural product, which started to alleviate the symptoms in a few days for everyone and was tasty for both young and old

Shorter duration of illness

In a study of 60 patients, it was found that all individual symptoms of the flu were relieved in 2-4 days in the treatment group, and overall well-being showed a significant improvement after 3 days instead of 7 days

We love to help. With every purchase you’ll be doing good as well. We donate 10 sents to cancer fund „Kingitud elu“